The brand

Joias was brought to life by a family from Ogliastra in Sardinia, sharing a passion for art, culture and the rich history and traditions of their island. Their desire was to create a trademark for Sardinian artistic craftsmanship; to bring together avant-garde product design and exceptional production practices to create a new brand to showcase contemporary trends and the work of modern artisans and to add a new dimension to the traditional concept of craftsmanship in Sardinia.

The selection

The objects are carefully selected in light of their origins, traditions and functionality, as well as their response to the demands of modern life and contemporary tastes. The trademark Joias guarantees that each object is unique.


Our shop is a showroom for a whole variety of hand-crafted objects, yet the collection of rugs, bags, baskets, textiles and ceramics on show is the result of a long journey up, down and across the length and breadth of the island, meeting artisans and visiting workshops in search of our definition of the best in Sardinian artisanship.